Menorca is overlooked by the party crowd that frequents the other Balearic islands, notably Mallorca and Ibiza to the west. A ban on business development in the middle of the last century by Francisco Franco has left Menorca the darling of families and others who seek a tranquil vacation destination. And while she is quieter than her sister islands to the west, Menorca has plenty to offer today”s visitors. Whether it is beaches, natural beauty, or culture you seek on vacation, Menorca will dazzle you with her sights.

Menorca Beaches – Not every shoreline is a beach, but Menorca has been blessed with more than its fair share of sandy spots. A couple of the more popular beaches include Cala Galdana and Santo Tomas where you will find white sand beaches, resorts, and water sports.

If you prefer a more secluded bathing spot, hop in your car hire: Menorca has over 100 beaches and you will find something new around every corner. Families with small children will want to be aware that some exposed beaches like Son Bou/San Jamie and Punta Prima can experience strong currents, and you may find one of the quieter coves to be a safer option for swimming.

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I want to tell you about a weekend fossil hunting trip I took a few weeks ago. It was a cold, but sunny Saturday in December. I live about three and one half hours from the beach I was planning on visiting, so I started out rather early, about 4:30am. I was going to Edisto Beach State Park in South Carolina.

This was a trip I had been anticipating for quite some time. Because I live in South Carolina, most of my fossil hunting trips have been limited to the beaches of my state. I had not visited Edisto Beach before this. The majority of my trips have been to the beaches of Myrtle Beach and Hunting Island. I had read that Edisto Beach State Park was an excellent beach to hunt fossils so naturally I was eager to visit.

First, a little history about my fossil hunting. Some twenty years ago or so I was invited to go to the beach with an aunt. During the trip, Aunt Nita introduced me to hunting sharks teeth. Maybe I was a little young, but I did not enjoy this past time. Several years later, I was walking along the beach and happened to look down and see a sharks tooth. I reached to pick it up and suddenly remembered the excitement my Aunt Nita displayed upon finding a sharks tooth. I must have been about 20. That was 23 years ago. Today, I don’t miss an opportunity to go fossil hunting.

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North India is most commonly associated with hill stations like Shimla, Manali, Nainital, Jammu and Kashmir etc and is a popular holiday region. If we think of North India travel, formidable forts, temples, palaces with bright colors will come to the mind and never fails to impress the visitors. The packages classified as Golden Triangle tour package, Rajasthan tour package, North India pilgrimage tours, Himalayan tours etc.

The most fascinating Golden triangle tour itinerary for North India travel covers Delhi ,Agra, Jaipur and explore culture, heritage, monument & architectural building of colorful north India. Along with you can see various travel trip vacations to khajuraho, varanasi, leh ladakh etc.You will be fascinated by culture, traditional value, monuments, havelis.The different dance forms found here shows cultural diversity. Folk dance form found here are Bhangra,Ghoomar, Kalbeliya, Kathak, Kinnauri Nati defines the rich culture and traditions.Lion capital of Ashoka, Sarnath is one of the best example of North India sculpture and has been a asource of national emblem.One of the best specimens of animal sculpture is The Rampurva Bull capital. Bharatpur bird sanctuary and Ranthambore tiger reserve are the most sought after itinerary. The major attractions among tourist are the pushkar camel fair and desert safari. People come for TajMahal, Lotus temple, Jantar Mantar, Hawa Mahal, Amer fort, Char Dham, Mathura etc. that a travel agent makes sure to put into itinerary for North India tours and travels. Delhi has some of the best markets in India with award winning luxury spas, restaurants, bars too. Transportation facility has undergone tremendous development and visitors can travel in air conditioned buses, trains, cab services. Agra is the most famous tourist spot in the world due to Taj Mahal, made by Shah Jahan for his beloved wife Mumtaz.

Goa is visited by large numbers of tourists each year for its beaches,places of worship.Jaisalmer is a city famous for forts, havelis, sand dunes with add on attraction of camel rides.The main attraction is Jaisalmer Fort along with Jain Temple, Salim-singh-ki haweli, Jaisalmer Culture Center. Kashmir is considered the crown of the nation,in the lap of the Himalayan ranges,looks beautiful with lovely waterfalls, gardens and snow clad peaks, depicting culture, history, tradition, people, and natural beauty. People of every faith and religion, living together here to create a unique and colorful mosaic of culture and community. With the glorious past of ancient India has given the region lots of amazing temples, listed in World Heritage and thus India has earned the reputation of being a global leader for pilgrimage tours.

KPN Travels is a premier bus service provider in South India. Established in 1972, the company is a reputed name when it comes to luxury travel by bus. Headquartered at Salem, the company offers an excellent transit facility to all its passengers. Tickets on any of the buses can be easily booked through right from the comfort of your home or office.

The company has come a very long way since its inception and has established itself as a premier brand name in the tour and travel industry. Primarily known to operating in the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka and the Union Territory of Pondicherry, the KPN Travels buses transport around 6000 passengers across 230 locations. With well maintained and 100 percent fit buses, the company is known for providing comfortable, safe and smooth journey to its passengers.

KPN Travels meets the highest standards of quality and aims to offer the best possible services to its passengers. KPN buses are certainly the best choice if youre looking for a smooth and comfortable journey at affordable prices. can be done online quite well in advance.

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A lot of people have been embarking on adventure travels, which for them is a great way to explore a new place and then embark on physical activities while exploring the great outdoors. There are also some travelers who do not get it though Why immerse yourself in tiring action where youll only get sweaty and uncomfortable when you are supposed to be indulging in exotic things offered in this new place you are visiting? Isnt travelling supposed to be comfortable and fun, exploring beaches, historical places, and sampling sumptuous food, not sweating it out and possibly getting injured?

The truth is a majority of people who have tried this emerging trend in travel will tell any skeptic that adding some thrills and adventure into their itinerary have been quite beneficial to them. A lot of the gains these people have experienced with adventure travels can be related to their health. A lot of adventure travelers can attest to the fact that the more adventure you put into your travel plans, the more chances you have in improving your physical health. Many recent scientific studies have proven that people overly obsessed with being dirt-free may actually be susceptible to asthma and allergies. This means that through adding adventure to travel plans means getting dirtier, people are actually getting healthier.

Those who want to try their hands on adventure travels should have a look at these suggested locations close to water and see if these places present the right amount of aquatic adrenalin for them:

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